Data Recovery for North East Businesses

A-Byte Computers offer a business data recovery service in Bishop Auckland and the North East area. Your data is your businesses most important business asset. If you have suffered data loss, you need to speak to us immediately. We are able to provide specialist RAID Data Recovery services for servers as well as Data Recovery for all your business devices.

Here are three disaster scenarios that can cause the most data loss, this is because they affect both physical and electronic storage:

  • Physical damage or destruction of servers or PC’s caused by excessive heat from a fire or explosion.
  • Physical damage to servers or pc’s caused by flooding
  • Physical damage to servers or pc’s caused by dropping or a blow from a heavy object
Here are three recoverable scenarios where we are most likely to recover your data:
  • Accidental file or email deletion caused by human error
  • Loss of data on a computer due to a virus “wiping” the hard drive
  • Accidental file or email deletion caused by a common virus

A-Byte Computers offers business data recovery in Durham and the North East. If you suffer from data loss whether you are a business or a home user please contact us and we will let you know how recoverable your data actually is.

Is Business Data Recovery Expensive?

Prices will vary according to what is wrong and what is involved in the recovery. Some jobs can cost very little but others may require specialist recovery (not performed locally) and may run into hundreds of pounds. As a business the most cost effective solution is to backup your data frequently. However, if you are in need of recovery we can provide cost estimates before we proceed. Please be aware that there is never a guarantee for data recovery. Sometimes it is just not possible to recover the data you need.

Important Notes

  • DO NOT keep using your computer if it is making strange noises.  These noises can mean that more and more damage is being done to your data
  • DO NOT attempt to recover important data yourself.  Attempting to recover data incorrectly can do more harm than good, making the job much more expensive for a professional, or even impossible