Business Grade Computers

A-Byte Computers offer an outstanding array of business grade computers. The computers are ordered in on demand to ensure that the latest, best performance and price is guaranteed. Computers specifications can be discussed to ensure the most cost effective solutions is chosen for your business.

When looking for a brand new computer, many people think they are getting a deal if they find a machine for £400 rather than a similar machine in another store for £500. However, when it comes to business, getting the £400 machine may not be the best option in the long run. The cheaper machine is more than likely to be at consumer grade, meaning it is built for home and personal use and not for the powerful world of business.Business grade computers Bishop auckland

When choosing a new machine, it is important to buy a machine that is suitable for your needs. The benefits of business grade computers include:


Demand & Reliability

Business grade PCs are built on-demand and are built to last 3-5 years. Business grade machines are also built with higher quality components, most notably the power supply.  Although initially more expensive to buy, they are more efficient and actually cost less to run.  Over the lifetime of the machine they normally offer a cost saving to your business.



Business grade computers have features that are great for businesses, such as fingerprint readers on laptops, remote desktop control software and encryption tools. The Professional grade operating system that comes on business PCs are another important feature that distinguishes the machine. The software includes the necessary features to properly and cleanly connect a PC to a business network and other business equipment as needed.



Business grade desktops and laptops are built for business. Consumer PCs are not built to connect to a business network. Trying to configure a consumer grade PC to a business network can take a knowledgeable technician a few days to get it to work properly. In the end, you will spend more money trying to make it work than you would have just purchasing the business grade computer in the first place

Overall, when choosing a new PC, it is best to purchase business grade equipment up front, where you are guaranteed that the equipment is built to higher standards and quality than a consumer grade machine. Purchasing a business grade machine will pay off in the long run with increased reliability and security, higher priority for customer service, professional software and a longer lifespan overall.