Computer Networks

At A-Byte computers in Bishop Auckland we offer a comprehensive service to cover all the needs of your network, regardless of its type or size. We are able to cater for the initial network design, supply, cable installation, computer and server setup, along with ongoing support for your business.

Peer to Peer Networks

These are the most basic type of network, where there is no dedicated server present on your network. Each machine is responsible for its own administration and is therefore suitable for smaller networks.

Once more than 10 computers are present on a network the administrative overhead to maintain each machine individually usually means it is more cost effective to move to a domain server. There is several advantages as to using a peer to peer network here are a few:

  • You do not need an expensive server because individual workstations are used to access the files
  • There is no need for specialist staff such as network technicians, this will save you money – each user sets their own permissions as to which files they are willing to share
  • Much easier to set up than a client-server network and does not need specialist knowledge
  • If a computer fails for whatever reason, it will not disrupt any other part of the network. It just means that the files wont be available to other users.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

VPN (Virtual Private Networking) access to your network can be enabled. This allows staff who work from home or remotely the secure access to your network resources as if they were still in the office. This includes access to information, software and printers.

  • Installation and configuration of a network
  • Upgrade and expand a network
  • Diagnose a poor performing network and give our expert opinion on how to improve your network
  • Do a wireless site survey to ensure you get the best signal
  • Install a secure wireless network
  • Secure your network

Backup Solutions

Backups for all businesses are necessary, but for networks a properly implemented backup policy is essential. Planning is necessary so that all parties are aware of where information is stored, in order for information to be included in backups.

Training should be supplied for all staff to ensure they are saving information in the correct location. This eliminates duplicate, conflicting information while ensuring all data is backed up as required.


On this type of network at least one computer acts as the server running a dedicated server operating system. This allows you to control all access restrictions and security policies centrally. Much tighter control of staff access levels is therefore available, greatly enhancing the security of your network.

It is also substantially easier to standardise the installation of security updates, backups, and virus protection amongst other items. “Hot Desking” is substantially easier to offer in this kind of server environment (where any member of staff can use any machine, while still maintaining their security privileges and access to their data).