Server Maintenance and Management

Here at A-Byte Computer Solutions we are able to offer service maintenance and management to aid your business and resolve your problems.

This service includes:

  • Server Updates and service packs
  • Security and application functionality
  • Server maintenance plan
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Server Monitoring
  • Server Backups

When we do basic maintenance on a server we always ask ourselves a few questions, here are some of them:

Is the server load at an acceptable level?

We monitor the CPU, RAM and HDD to make sure there is no rogue software, unusual activity on the server or applications using more resources than they should.  This ensures your server runs as smoothly as it can enhancing your business’ productivity.

Is all software up to date with current revisions?

It is important to keep all software up to do date as they patch bugs and security holes that may leave your server vulnerable.  We ensure that all software packages and operating system updates are present and correctly installed.

Are there any errors in the event log?

We regularly check the event log to see if there are any errors that the server is flagging up, if there are,  we address the problem and try to eliminate it. We continue to monitor the event log to make sure the problem is definitely resolved.

Are there any outdated logins?

We make sure that there is no old accounts which should have been removed but weren’t.  For example, removing users that may have access to the system but no longer work for the company.

Are your backups fully functional?

We make sure all of the data is backed up to either an on-site external drive or an offsite server.  Unfortunately we often come across a server where backup software reports that it is running correctly, however, when we check what the software is actually doing a lot of important data is being missed.  We will examine the backup routines you have and ensure all the data you need to backup is actually being stored in a format that will allow you to restore your business should the worst happen.

Are all hard disks in the RAID working?

We check to see if all hard disks are operational. In a RAID array, single hard disks can fail without being noticed, this is why we ensure that all disks are working so that you can fix troubled disks before the next one fails. If they both fail then you will have to rely on a backup to get your data back.

Is there enough Disk space available?

We monitor the hard disks to make sure that they don’t run out of space, this can be done by archiving old files that may not be needed, or even upgrade the server to a much higher capacity drive(s).

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