Virtual Private Network – VPN Installation

A VPN is a secure way to connect a computer to a remote network. It is a method used to add security to private and public networks such as WiFi hotspots. VPN’s are most commonly used by businesses to protect sensitive data. The basic concept is that a VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and your VPN server.  This means all the data that is transmitted between
your device and the server cannot be seen by others who are sharing the same hotspot.  This allows you to:

Bishop auckland vpn installation

  • Securely access your files on your corporate network
  • Securely access shared areas on your corporate network
  • Print to any printers on your corporate network
  • Access your email securely
  • Browse the internet securely

Privacy is increased within businesses a VPN because the user’s initial IP Address can be replaced by the VPN providers. For example your original IP address will be where you live, roughly, whereas if you went through a VPN you could appear to be in a completely different country.