Backup Software

There are many different backup packages available for your computer, some are free, others are charged.  The integrity of your data is of paramount importance.  Accordingly we have tested a number of solutions over many years. Backup software comes in many different varieties, to keep things simple we shall divide your options into two types:  Local Backups, and Cloud Based Internet Backups.  Either or both may be suitable for your data.

Local Backups

We have found that the most reliable choice is a backup solution called Syncback, produced by 2BrightSparks. This is a highly reliable and configurable piece of software that also represents very good value for money.  For most customers this software is likely to offer the best solution. This software, when correctly configured, can:

  • Backup
  • Synchronize (copy files in both directions between devices)Syncback Pro
  • Mirror (create an exact clone of your data, including deletions)
  • Keep old versions of your files
  • Automatically purge old versions of your files based on your settings
  • Backup files to or from remote hosts over secure connections
  • Restore backup files easily
  • Email Logs
  • Run Programs before and after profiles
  • Schedule Backups
  • Simple and Advanced modes
  • Runs on all versions of Windows including the new Windows 10

Cloud Based / Internet Backups

These backup solutions rely on your internet connection to send files to a remote server. The advantage is that your backup software can always be running, without you having to connect an external backup drive or other hardware. The disadvantage is speed, even modern fibre connections are limited to being only able to upload a few Gigabytes of data per day. If you have a large collection of data your initial backup may take several weeks to complete.

Depending how frequently you alter your data, you may find that your backup never actually completes. This is because the rate of change is greater than your upload capability. Clearly in these circumstances a cloud based backup solution is not an option for all of your data. Generally a mixture of services proves to be the best option.

Your most important, but often smaller data files, are continuously backed up, with an external backup made of all of your files at regular intervals. We are able to advise you which solutions work best, and are able to provide a number of different packages tailored to your needs.  Please contact us for more based backup software