NOD32 Antivirus

After trying many antivirus software packages we have came to the conclusion that that ESET NOD32 Antivirus is currently the best on the market. We feel that this is the best antivirus software for the following reasons. It has:

  • consistently some of the best virus detection rates in the industry
  • low processor usage
  • automatic virus database updates at least once per day
  • a range of products suitable for home or business use
  • support for all modern operating systems including linux and mac
  • protection for your mobile phones and tablet devices
  • a single point of central management for your business

It should be noted that no Antivirus Software offers 100% protection. Safe browsing practices and a common sense approach to unsolicited emails are a must.

Using a combination of safe browsing practices and NOD32, A-Byte Computer Solutions has not been infected by a single virus since our inception. We feel this is highly commendable considering the number of machines, and data files we deal with.

For this reason we, therefore, recommend NOD32 products for your computers systems. For business use please contact us for a trial license. For home use, please download a copy of their trial software here.

We are happy to quote for any ESET NOD32 products, and are an authorised reseller and an experienced installer of their software.

NOD32 Antivirus