Current Computer Scams

Computer scams are becoming much more popular these days, you may have come across a few yourself.

  • Phone calls claiming they work for microsoft.
  • Phone calls from companies pretending you have sent them a virus
  • Computers being locked by “the police” until a payment has been made due to downloading pornography.
  • Fake antivirus scanners saying your computer is infected. They promise to remove the infection after a payment is made.  They then Steal your credit card details and then infect your computer even more.

Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful tips that may help you one day so that you don’t fall into the traps of scammers:

Whatever you do, do NOT send money to someone you don’t know, although this may seem obvious people fall into this trap. Only buy from sites that you or your friends have heard of and used before. If you think you have found an item really cheap, for example an iPad for £31.00 9.9 times out of 10 it will be a scam, please do some research on the company first to ensure that the seller is legitimate organisation, you may be surprised at your findings.

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If you receive an email requesting personal or financial information please do not reply to this. There have been reports where a scammer has tried to use the identity of Microsoft to gain access to information. For example they will send you an email saying they are from the Microsoft team and they will disable your account unless you give them your credit card details to confirm your address. Do Not Fall For This, Microsoft themselves will never ask for your personal/financial details.

The same applies to your bank.  Your bank will not ask you for your pin code, passwords or other details over email.  If you do receive a call from your bank, ask to take the name of the caller.  Then call your bank back and ask to speak to that person.  DO NOT use the phone number they give you.  Lookup the number from your bank’s website, or call into your branch.

Use these internet resources to lookup scams and help prevent you and others from being scammed in the future: