Custom Built Computers

With years of experience working in IT, we have the knowledge and expertise to build custom PCs to your specification. As there are NO limits to what we can build, we are able to offer value-for-money design which include advanced water cooling and air flow techniques within a budget provided by you.

Custom built PC's Durham

With the budget and specifications you give us we can check our large selection of suppliers to ensure that we get the best parts as cheaply as possible.  All custom parts are ordered in just for you. We can therefore guarantee that no old stock will be used, and we will be able to specify the latest versions of products for your new computer.

Need help choosing your custom built PC specifications?

Contact us and let us know what you use your machine for, e.g. graphic design, movie editing, gaming etc. We will then be able to advise of the specification that will be most appropriate for you.

When looking at buying a custom built PC there are several key components to assess, these are:

  • Processor (CPU) – How much multi-tasking do you do? Are the applications you use multi-threaded?
  • RAM – Extra Ram is a common upgrade to increase your computer’s speed, but the type of memory plays an important role.
  • Motherboard – Any particular specifications for the motherboard such as USB 3.0, more than 1 PCI-E Slot for more than 1 Graphics Card?
  • Hard Drive – How much space do you need to store your data?  Do you want a combination of Solid State Drives and Hard Drives?
  • Power Supply (PSU) – Are you building for pure power? do you need a PCI-Express Power Connector for a graphics card? Does it need to be silent?
  • Graphics Card – What sort of performance are you wanting? What output connector do you need?
  • DVD/CD/BRDVD – Are you wanting to watch blu-ray dvds straight from your PC?
  • Case – How do you want your case to look? Water cooling capability? Size is also important
  • Any additional features such as water cooling, fans (silent?), fan controller, SD card readers, lighting etc
  • External Accessories such as monitor, speakers, mouse & keyboards, printers etc.

If you feel the need for a custom built PC please contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you!