Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery

Data can be recovered and transferred from all forms of digital devices, including:

  • Digital CamerasHDD Data Recovery Durham
  • Memory Cards
  • Memory Sticks
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Netbooks
  • Servers
  • External Hard Drives
  • Optical Media
  • Smartphones

Data recovery can be a time consuming process depending upon the amount of damage present to your media. In simple cases your storage media can be mounted into a different computer and your data recovered. In more complex circumstances advanced software is required to scan through your media to determine what can be recovered.

Data recovery is not an exact science, often the data that is recovered is not complete, which leads to data reconstruction. This is where best guesses are made to “fill in the blanks”. Doing so can often repair corrupt files so that they can be loaded to allow at least some of the useful information to be recovered. We have a large selection of tools to help optimise this time consuming process should it be necessary.

Remember, the best data recovery option is to not need it! It is far better to make adequate backups of your data in advance of a problem occurring. If you require any assistance in developing a robust backup strategy please do not hesitate to contact us.

Data Transfer

Bishop Auckland Data RecoveryAs part of our data transfer service we will transfer your old data from your current machine to a new computer. This includes data files such as word documents, music, pictures etc.  Previously used software can be installed onto your new machine if specified. We will also install the latest drivers for your hardware, whether it be new or old.

  • Transfer old data to new computer
  • Re-install programs for new system
  • Find drivers for new system for older hardware

As part of our data transfer service we make sure that all of your files and folders are extracted from your old machine and moved to your new one this can be set up to look  exactly like your old machine, in terms of layout and file structure.

Most data recovery is done in our Bishop Auckland offices.