Virus Removal

Most people will suffer from some sort of virus attack at one point or another. That’s why we offer an extensive virus removal service for both businesses and residential customers covering Bishop Auckland, Durham and Spennymoor.

  • Are you being held to ransom by fake antivirus software and alerts?Malware removal durham
  • Is your computer running slowly?
  • Are your web searches being redirected?
  • Are strange websites popping up while you browse the internet?
  • Are your friends or family receiving messages from you that you did not send?
  • Are strange programs running without your consent?
A-Byte computers offers an in depth virus and malware removal. Multiple scans with different software allow us to get right to the root of the virus and delete it permanently.  To prevent viruses in the future paid and free solutions are available.


Free Virus Removal and Prevention

We use a variety of different free Anti Virus products, the exact one being customised to your needs and software environment.  These products always run in the background while you are using your machine helping to ensure that your machine does not become infected while you are using it.  Scheduled virus scans can also be set to run at intervals to double check nothing has managed to make it onto your computer.  You will be alerted when a virus or any other malicious software has been found and will allow you to take action towards it. It should be noted that Free Anti Virus products can be very effective, however they tend not to be as capable as their paid for counterparts.  Paid for solutions often have more features, and are often the only ones you are able to run in a business environment.

Paid Virus Removal and Prevention

As a paid service we are a reseller for one of the best anti-viruses products produced to this day.  The product is called NOD32, made by ESET, and is available for businesses and home users alike to provide the very best protection for data. NOD32 can protect your whole software environment, with versions for Desktop PCs, Laptops, Servers, Apple Macs, Linux based computers and mobile phones.

Virus Removal bishop auckland

NOD32 has dedicated versions for your business.  This not only allows Anti Virus software to be installed on your server, but it provides a central administration area.  At a glance it is possible to see the Anti Virus status of all of your computers within your organisation.  We can also lock down the AV clients ensuring that all computers adhere to corporate policy regarding the software they run.