On behalf of the team at D & J Franks Renewables Limited, we would like to pass on our sincere thanks for the wonderful service you delivered to our company recently. Having assessed out IT needs for our new office facility and providing good quality, fit for purpose, equipment, you went over and above the call of duty when we experienced a “lock down” of one of our existing PC’s. You and your team were able to access the area our staff required to enable them to carry out their work and all done in a quick, efficient and professional manner. You kept the wheels turning for our business at one of our busiest times of the year and we greatly appreciate this.

Obviously, we would highly recommend you and your company to any of our associates and look forward to having you on board in 2015 as our outsourced IT support team.

Denise Franks

D&J Franks Renewables

Design365 is a company that prides itself on excellent customer service and fast responses to technical issues. So when one of our National clients managed to get a virus on their PC which seriously affected their email system we contacted Andrew at A-Byte Computer Solutions for emergency help for them.

It is fair to say that the timing was not great. It was the last working day before Christmas and Andy was in the process of re-wiring his office. Despite this, and as true indication in his willingness to help, he dropped everything and drove out into the depths of Teesdale to meet the client and solve the problem.

Whilst removing the virus on the PC, our client said Andy was professional and courteous at all times and managed to fix the virus in a timely period.

It is fair to say that Andy, as well as being an expert in what he does, is also extremely reliable and will put himself out at all costs to help a client.

To this end, we have no hesitation in recommending A-Byte Computer Solutions to all of our business contacts, family and friends who need any computer related help.

Anne Foster

Design 365

Great Service! I managed to get my daughters laptop screen fixed for a cheap price and the quality of the job was spot on!

Steven Peterson

We have been working with Andrew Jackson of A-Byte Computer Solutions now for nearly 6 months and I would highly recommend him and his services.

He and his team are always on hand to help. If he can’t get there that minute to help he offers a very reasonable lead time and failing that good advice over the phone.

He is personable, easy to talk to and all my staff like him.

He had a very difficult task to overcome here and there were some very technical issues to overcome. Sometimes Andy didn’t know all the answers but after research and advice he managed to overcome all of our problems.

We have some very confidential information and I would trust Andy with that and his general competence with our hardware and software. He always worked hard to find us the most cost effective solutions to the problems and issues he inherited. A prime example of this would be the money he has saved us with the back-up software (we now pay £30 instead of £500 per annum)

His invoices and charges thus far have been very fair and this is without associated retainer costs that we had previous.

To conclude, Andrew is a very nice guy, very professional, (always turns up in uniform even on a Sunday or 9pm at night) and I would recommend him to my family and business associates.

BTS Fabrications

My Apple MacBook Pro was not booting correctly, I brought it to these guys and they managed to repair my Mac in a 1 day turnover! Very impressed with customer service, speed and quality of the job.

Stacey Chapman

I met Andy Jackson from A-Byte a couple years ago at a networking event and started using him for adhoc IT problems as my usual IT guy was becoming unreliable.

Andy always responded immediately and came to my rescue on a number of occasions. I moved my website and email hosting over to him about a year ago and on his advice recently upgraded my email solution to Microsoft Exchange. I was experiencing speed problems due to the vast quantity of emails I have and also the fact I have 2 PC’s and a laptop which all need to have access to the same email,

Andy suggested the move across to Microsoft Exchange and since that has happened all the issues i was having are gone and my email syncs perfectly across all 3 of my machines. Added to that, my Contacts and Calendars now sync together so I have no issues with loss of data, or the wrong version of data being used.

Similarly, Andy suggested a piece of synchronization software which would allow all 3 of my machines to have all the same data on that I work with on a daily basis, i.e. all my files with spreadsheets/documents in etc. This is crucial to me as I work from various sites and i now have the peace of mind that if I work on one machine, I can then sync it with the remaining 2 so that I know whichever machine I am working on, the data will always be the most up-to-date.

I have always found Andy to be reliable, trustworthy and offer practical, common sense solutions to my IT problems and for this reason I would not hesitate to recommend him or his company.

Westwood Accountancy

We are writing to you to thank you for your very fast and efficient support you have given, when our main computer got struck by lightning.

The professionalism and enthusiasm with which you have analysed the problems, we’re able to secure all of our business files from the old machine and have efficient solutions to hand was outstanding.

Very much appreciated is also your on-going support and advice with the new computer even for the smallest questions you do take the time for an answer.

And although I personally still do not have the slightest knowledge about IT and the illnesses, computers can develop, I honestly can say that I do trust your knowledge and would always again give our computers into your hands and would feel assured and trust that you will take great care of them.

I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend the services of Andy Jackson from A-Byte Computer Solutions

Phoenix Signs