Website Design Services

How can our website design team help your business?

Based in Bishop Auckland our website design team can help you get your business noticed. We offer a comprehensive website design service which includes:

Custom theme development

  • logo design
  • search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • domain names
  • hosting services
  • e-commerce
  • content management system (CMS)

Unlike a lot of other website design providers who do not provide access to your own website, we can train and provide you with as much or as little access to your own site as you desire. You, or your staff, can be given login accounts with differing levels of access so that they can access and change the content within your site. In addition, any website that is produced by A-Byte is the property of the customer.

A full copy of your website can be provided to you upon request. This ensures you are never locked into our product and are free to move your website to another host if you so wish. This ability to migrate between hosts is of paramount importance to growing businesses so that you are never locked into a service you may no longer wish to use.

Enduring communication with our customers

We have learnt that communication between A-Byte’s website design team and the client is extremely important. As a result we involve the client with every step of the development with regular updates. We also try to use tech jargon as little as possible as we know that communicating clearly with the client is more important. For examples of a couple of sites that we have designed please look at:

This is just a coupleĀ of websites we have designed, if you would like to see more of our demo sites then please contact us.

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